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Menopause Pajamas: What do women want?

Menopause PajamasMenopause pajamas that actually work, you ask?  Is that really what women want? When you consider how important sleep is to overall health, it is a great place to start.  Sixty-eight percent (68%) of American women admit to sleeping less (and many much less) than the recommended average of eight hours per night. Women who experience night sweats due to menopause or other health issues will often get less sleep than that. So yes, in order to get that critical restful sleep they need, the right PJ’s for menopause, ones that really work, is something that women want.

The top two factors that rob women of sleep are work and/or family-related stress and night sweats. While we can’t do anything to help you with work and family related stress, night sweats are right up our alley.

We at Dry Babe surveyed our customers and asked them what they thought was important in menopause pajamas.  The top five answers were: Functionality, Comfort, Fit, Style and Price.

As a perimenopausal women with night sweats, I can certainly understand our customers preferences in menopause pajamas.  As women, we want the pajamas we buy to help with our menopause symptoms, to work, meaning we want them to soak up night sweats so we do not wake up in the night soaking in our own moisture. Women want to feel good about what we are wearing and to be comfortable (menopause or not).  Women also do not want to have to pay a small fortune for our menopause pajamas. If you are also looking for these qualities in your sleepwear for menopause, then Dry Babe brand of night sweat sleepwear may be just what you
are looking for.

  • Our pajamas are made of mostly absorbent cotton – with a little poly for stretch and lightness. All other night sweat sleepwear are all or mostly poly. Poly traps heat under all circumstances. If you think you are sweating now, sleeping in poly will feel much worse.
  • Our pajamas use “absorbing technology” as opposed to “wicking technology” due to the fact that we have found that air circulation is required for wicking to work well – which is why it is used so often in athletic wear. (I don’t have much air circulation under my covers as I am sure most people don’t :).
  • Our pajamas can be easily washed/dried with your regular laundry. All other night sweat sleepwear loses its wicking ability when any bit of fabric softener/dryer sheets are used or if the dryer is too hot.
  • Our pajamas are styled for real women in missy and plus sizes in styles that are fun and a little bit flirty. My experience with other brands is that they are styled for great-grandmothers.
  • The price points on our great selection of menopause pajamas are quite reasonable while all other brands menopause sleepwear tend to be quite pricey.

We at Dry Babe are honored to provide a sleep solution that works wonders on those problematic night sweats.

For optimal health and happiness, women need to make sleep a priority. Dry Babe Absorbent Sleepwear for “Hot” Mamas helps to make Sleeping Beauties out of all of us.